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[ S ] UK  /ˌblæk ˈʃiːp/  US  /ˌblæk ˈʃiːp/

A ‘person who is not ~ afraid to criticize` and dares to do the things he, or she believes in and knows is right;

”That Agency doesn’t only make beautiful stuff, they also made me more money”

Yassin Kwyasse
Yassin KwyasseCreative Director
What drives me most is seeing the reaction of our clients after I turned their idea into a tangible product. Whenever someone shares their vision with me, I immediately get the jitters to start working on turning that idea into something real. I’m a visual type of guy. Don’t come at me with numbers, I’ll immediately redirect you to Lennart.
Creative Direction 97%
Webdesign & Development 83%
Adobe CC 94%
Branding & Design 91%
Lennart Jansen
Lennart JansenBusiness Developer & Founder
Whenever I feel we can make something better for someone, I step in and I’m like: ‘Hey, do you know we can get more out of this, maybe design wise but especially money wise’. I make promises happen and get that real -thank you- handshake, that’s what keeps me motivated. You want to talk numbers, I’m your guy.
Business Development 98%
Online Marketing 95%
SEO 92%
User Experience 89%


We’re called Black Sheep for a reason

  • Office Hours are 24/7

  • No payments upfront, only after we deliver

  • Consider us as your strategic partner

  • We only accept projects that excite us


Every project you see in our portfolio is handpicked. We only work with people who have an element of Black Sheepness in them. We follow our gut feeling and most of the time, our partners do to.

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