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Project Description


We always support people strongly when they take the big step from working for someone to start their own company. TrendStuc is a beautiful example of that, Nigel developed his skills over the years and delivering great jobs. 2016 was the year he decided to set up TrendStuc. During the setup of his business we got in touch with him and together with what we had in mind the website developed almost by itself and was a perfect reflection of what Nigel had in mind. We’re happy to have provided the perfect platform for his acquisition process.

We don’t just build slick websites with a perfect design. We build marketing machines. Trend Stuc relied on all their leads via the website we’ve build. So we’ve also set up a Google AdWords account. By having a very specific campaign for Trend Stuc the ROI is amazing. At the moment the ROI is 1:4 meaning for every euro they spend, they get 4 in return.

”Thanks Black Sheep Creatives! Not only for the webdesign, but for all the customers we’ve gained via the online marketing campaign!” – Nigel Blokker


The name says it all ”Black Sheep Creatives” is not your average agency. Feel free to contact us at any given moment. Yes, even on a Sunday.