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Project Description


We keep saying it, but because of our style and our approach we always run into a fascinating people and businesses, but boy oh boy this one is something else. Rémon de Muijnck is the founder of Mind Coolness and he teaches the Wim hof Method in very inspiring workshops. You won’t believe the emotions and feelings you go trough when experiencing a workshop of MindCoolness. We’ve set up Rémon with a slick webdesign a promo video and the right branding to get him going.

”The proactive way of working these guys have amazed me so much. I always felt the need to thank them, because they kept exceeding my expectations. Without exaggeration, working with these guys was a match made in heaven.” – Rémon de Muijnck.

Just to give you a brief idea of what you can experience, heres an exercise for you:

Breath fully in and out for 2 minutes
After two minutes release all the air in your lungs and hold your breath for 90 seconds
Breath fully in after the 90 seconds and squeeze all your muscles
Repeat this set 3 times


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