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Project Description


Being called Black Sheep always attracts a type of customer. Nina was once again the perfect example of that. Feeling like a l’altradonna a.k.a different type of women we can confirm she and her company is. We’ve enjoyed building a brand new website for Nina as well as fixing a photo and video shoot. Stock photo’s are always a no-go, but as for Nina it reached a whole other level, for every move we’ve made for her, we had to keep that l’altradonna touch in it, which in the beginning was quite challenging to decode the mind of Nina. No need to say we 100% succeeded once again.

To make sure we displayed the beauty of the boutique and the collection of L’ALTRADONNA we found it necessary to besides the photography also shoot a video to completely display the feeling you get when walking in to the store. Authentic, glamouring and personal is how we would describe it. That’s what we needed to capture in the video.

”Dear Black Sheep guys and galls, thank you so much. This didn’t feel like work, not even for a moment. Thank you so much for your informal but truly professional way of working! X Nina


The name says it all ”Black Sheep Creatives” is not your average agency. Feel free to contact us at any given moment. Yes, even on a Sunday.