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Project Description


Working with GVAA was a challenging project as you have to satisfy a big group of shareholders and satisfy all their tastes with just one design. Building a brand new website for a group of very busy lawyers isn’t the simplest thing to do. On the backend, security was a priority and no troubles there for Yassin. Clear communication about the needs and requirements for GVAA made this project a success that makes GVAA feel comfortable and proud communicating their principles about law and services online,

”We’ve had the same website as since we have established GVAA. It was far to much outdated. We were looking for an agency who was able to provide webdesign that is very much of this time. Black Sheep Creatives delivered more then promised!” – Kicky Hamer, president of GVAA


The name says it all ”Black Sheep Creatives” is not your average agency. Feel free to contact us at any given moment. Yes, even on a Sunday.