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Project Description


It was an amazing privilege when the guy who represented our country at the Rio Olympics asked us to build him a personal website and fix his branding. No Olympic Medal this year, but we do give him a Black Sheep medal. Meaning he really defines being a ”Black Sheep”. Govert was always told he’s to small to be a rower. But Govert didn’t give a flying f*ck. He build himself up to be a Olympic Rower for the Dutch teamby optimizing himself every single moment of every single day. When we met him for a briefing he had all kind of weird stuff to analyze the data of his own body.

”I’ve worked with a creative agency before. Then I’ve had to hit them up every other day to check if they are making progress. With Black Sheep it worked the other way around. Thank you so much guys, I’ve truly enjoyed your way of working and I love the result!” – Govert Viergever.


The name says it all ”Black Sheep Creatives” is not your average agency. Feel free to contact us at any given moment. Yes, even on a Sunday.