Alistair Overeem


ALISTAIR OVEREEM Following the UFC and Alistair Overeem his fights and interviews got us the chance to work for him. After his big win over Mark Hunt we've heard him say on a post fight interview that Alistair is in need of a new website. We've immediately took action and got [...]



GVAA Working with GVAA was a challenging project as you have to satisfy a big group of shareholders and satisfy all their tastes with just one design. Building a brand new website for a group of very busy lawyers isn’t the simplest thing to do. On the backend, security was a priority and [...]

Trend Stuc


TREND STUC We always support people strongly when they take the big step from working for someone to start their own company. TrendStuc is a beautiful example of that, Nigel developed his skills over the years and delivering great jobs. 2016 was the year he decided to set up TrendStuc. During [...]

Mijn Schoonmaak Hulp


MIJN SCHOONMAAK HULP MijnSchookmaakhulp was started by Jason, a top bloke that we’ve known for a while, a real entrepreneur. Within no time Jason established to build a network that needed his services and therefore he also needed a clean website to communicate his services further. Of course he knocked on [...]

Govert Viergever


GOVERT VIERGEVER It was an amazing privilege when the guy who represented our country at the Rio Olympics asked us to build him a personal website and fix his branding. No Olympic Medal this year, but we do give him a Black Sheep medal. Meaning he really defines being a ”Black Sheep”. Govert was always [...]